Office Assistant – Part Time

Objectives of the Position: The Office Assistant is responsible for assisting the Office Manager in performing administrative duties related directly to the financial operations of Your Choice Resource Center.  Major duties involve ensuring efficient office procedures, including bookkeeping, data entry, word processing, and assisting in fundraising preparations.

Direct Report: Office Manager

Hours:  No more than 16 hours per week


  1. Be a committed Christian who demonstrates a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.
  2. Consistent church fellowship, daily Bible study, and prayer.
  3. Exhibit strong commitment and dedication to the sanctity of human life.
  4. Agree with and be willing to uphold the Statement of Principle, Statement of Faith, and policies of Your Choice Resource Center.
  5. Have experience in office operations.
  6. Have experience with general accounting procedures.
  7. Computer experience required in word processing (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Works or equivalent), and Excel,
  8. Exhibit excellent organizational skills and typing ability.
  9. Be self-motivated, dependable, and responsible.
  10. Ability to keep information confidential.
  11. Willingness to learn and operate eKYROS programs and online giving formats.
  12. Completion of Volunteer Basic Training.
  13. Must be willing to submit to and pass a comprehensive background check.


Duties of the Office Assistant include but are not limited to the following:


  1. General bookkeeping procedures of the Center: entering, maintaining and balancing a debit/credit accounting system in Ekyros. (Data Entry)
  2. Assist in preparing weekly deposits.


Correspondence (All correspondence is generated by the Executive Director):

  1. Receipts – once a month and on an “as needed” basis by mail and monthly by email to those who give electronically
  2. Update, verify and maintain various mailing lists

Office Machine

  1. Track copies and post printing cost to each department or event (1x per month) 


  1. Celebrate Life Banquet
    1. Pull Fundeasy report
    2. From fundeasy report key deposits/transactions into Ekyros (individual donor) (1x per week)
    3. Balance banquet deposit (1x week)
    4. Organize and lead silent auction night of CLB
    5. Assist Office Manager in table envelope collection night of CLB
    6. Assist day after CLB keying
    7. Key all new pledges into Ekyros
    8. Key cash/checks into Ekyros
    9. Maintain list of Pre, Night of, and Post giving
    10. Prepare and mail pledge letter for monthly and single gifts
  2. Baby Bottle Blessing
    1. Organize logistics and set up upstairs for processing bottles
    2. Manage special project volunteers for sorting (this will be in partnership with the community Engagement and Marketing Director)
    3. Key all cash, checks and change into Ekyros
    4. Loose change will be processes at SECU
    5. Assist Office Manager with bagging and sorting for bank deposit
  3. Walk/Run/Littles for Life
    1. Pull over from Fundeasy and assign Ekyros # to all walker/runner/little participant (2x per week July-Oct)
    2. Pull over deposit and transaction for online donations (1x week)
    3. Assign each sponsor to walker/runner/little
    4. Set up new sponsor/runner/walker/little
    5. Set up and manage new excel with all participants with assigned # by category
    6. Key egiving gifts into Ekyros
    7. Set up, key and assign # to offline walkers (post,pre)
    8. Key pledges for event
    9. Copy checks
    10. Prepare day of registration stations
    11. Assist Office Manager day of event
    12. Pull over all online cash/checks day of and assigning to sponsor from fundeasy
    13. Generate and send all “to be billed” invoices
  4. Year End
    1. Send receipts letters to all donors over $100 (regular mail)
    2. Key year end donations 

The Office Assistant will receive an evaluation at the end of the first ninety days.  Thereafter, the Office Assistant shall receive a yearly written and oral evaluation by the Executive Director.


To Apply: Email Resume to

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