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Our mission is to motivate, educate, and support generations of young people to embrace a lifestyle of sexual abstinence until marriage.

Program Components

  • True2You
  • Independent Girls/Guys Club (IGC)
  • Decisions, Choices, and Options (DCO)
  • HeartSMART
  • ParentWISE


True2You is a comprehensive abstinence until marriage education program for 7th and 9th grades. True2yoU educates and empowers students to understand that their choices directly impact the course of their lives. Based on a foundation of respect for self, as well as respect for others, this program strives to create a pathway to success that protects them for a lifetime.


  • This was so awesome to really understand what a special gift this is and the value of saving it for my spouse.
  • This was encouraging for me, because I have already had sex but I learned that I can stop and choose to be abstinent.
  • I have learned to be the one who stands out from the crowd and how if I am bold I can change what some people think about saving sex until marriage.
  • When I saw the pictures of the STDs it made me decide to wait until marriage.


The Independent Girls/Guys Club operates on the principle that “choices direct the course of life.” Its aim is to assist club members in setting standards and goals by which to govern their lives that will decrease the pitfalls along the way. The program will offer the opportunity to take prevention education to the next level. The program length (12 weeks), the repetitive messages promoting healthy lifestyle choices, as well as the development of a relationship between the club members and their mentors is the key to affecting change in the lives of students most at-risk for teen pregnancy, substance abuse, violence, and other destructive choices. Ultimately, we strive to offer guidance to young students that are exposed to multiple risk factors that would influence their life choices in a negative way. 


  • I love our teacher, she is someone that we can talk to about life. We express our real feelings.
  • This club made a positive impact on my life, because myself and others can see changes happening in me.
  • This club had an impact on my life because it fixed my perspective of things.


Decisions, Choices, & Options is a high school elective presentation designed to reveal the facts, dispel myths, and communicate the consequences of teen pregnancy to the very audience most affected: high school students. This program provides information on each of the options a young woman faces in an unplanned pregnancy. The goal of this program is to provide current, factual information and correct any misconceptions regarding her options.


  • I always thought abortion was no big deal but after seeing fetal development of the baby that changed everything.
  • My eyes were opened to that life starts the moment the egg and sperm meet. This is not what current culture teaches.
  • I learned so much from this class and definitely feel informed about what is the best decision for the mommy and baby.


HeartSMART is our Christ-centered, Biblically -based abstinence program for church youth and their parents. The thesis of this program is that sex is a gift from God for marriage. This goal is accomplished by a series of guided discussions over the course of three nights. Truth is, the condition of our hearts is sinful and desperately wicked and our only hope is for hearts  to be radically transformed by Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Youth Pastors or Parents please click here to see program outline.


Worth Waiting 4! believes that parents or guardians should be the primary educators of their teens. We want to encourage communication between parents or guardians and their children. Through parentWISE, an annual newsletter will be distributed to the parents or guardians of seventh grade students in the Nash-Rocky Mount Schools. The newsletter will provide tools for parents or guardians to impact their teenagers by helping them make positive, healthy choices that will protect them for today and for the future.

Abstinence Education

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