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Moms 4 Moms is a 9 session program that connects student moms (expectant or parenting) with mature and experienced moms through baby care/parenting classes sponsored by Your Choice Resource Center. Life circumstances may be diverse, but motherhood creates a common ground for students and mentors. Each session focuses on a particular parenting issue, but the curriculum is flexible depending on the participants’ needs and concerns.

Each session will include fun activities such as, The Baby Price is Right, Mother IQ, The Name Game, and others. The students will be able to earn vouchers for attending the sessions that they can use to purchase items they need from Your Choice Resource Center’s Baby Boutique. Students will fill out a shopping list, and mentors will bring items to the next class or students may visit the boutique at the Center. The sessions will be informal leaving plenty of time just to talk.

Resources Needed: DVD player and available classroom or meeting area

Session 1: Introduction
Objective: To familiarize student moms with the mentor moms and to explain the purpose of the program and to introduce Your Choice Resource Center

Session 2: Parent Child Relationship
Objective: To help the parent understand how vital her role is in her child’s emotional and cognitive development

Session 3: The First Years Last Forever
Objective: To help the parent understand the importance of the first three years of life, and how these years affect a child emotionally, socially, and cognitively

Session 4: Reading to Your Child
Objective: To help the parent understand the benefits of reading to her child from an early age

Session 5: Safe From the Start
Objective: To educate parents about what they can do to reduce the risk of accidents to their children

Session 6: Happiest Baby
Objective: To give information on helping babies sleep, soothe crying babies, and provide relief for “colicky” babies.

Session 7: Toilet Training
Objective: To aid mothers in toilet training their children

Session 8: Discipline – Teaching Limits with Love
Objective: To give moms a good foundation on the definition and concepts of healthy discipline

Session 9: Ceremony and Celebration!
Objective: To honor moms for completing the sessions