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The Men's Ministry provides group instruction for birthfathers of YCRC clients babies.   The Fatherhood Workshops are biblically-based and cover the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of being a father.

428-800Being a man includes being a great dad.

The Fatherhood Workshops focus on what it takes to be a great dad 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  All workshops are taught by trained, male instructors.

The 24/7 Dads is a fatherhood group, where young father and fathers-to-be can come together, talk, share concerns and learn about how to be a quality father to their child/children.

Some Topics Covered:

  1. Family of Origin
  2. Masculinity
  3. Understanding Yourself
  4. Handling & Expressing Emotions
  5. Fathering and Family Roles
  6. Fathering and Culture
  7. Balancing Work and Family
  8. Getting Involved With Your Children

Times and dates vary.  Call 252-446-2273 or email clientservices@yourchoicenc.org